July 2019 by Kira M.
I worked with Charles and had the fastest, easiest, most seamless search and move in NYC I've had yet. Painless process. Thank you, thank you.

May 2019 by Novi E.
We had a fantastic experience with Charles!

Having never stepped foot in New York, it was a daunting moment for us to look for a place to stay.

We’d read online that New York brokers can be quite pushy in getting clients to sign contracts as soon as possible and, at times, dishonest with tactics such as the bait-and-switch.

Charles was far from these descriptions. He was professional, honest, transparent, friendly, helpful and courteous. He helped shortlist the properties to view based on our criteria and placed emphasis on informing and educating rather than pressuring or influencing us, making sure that the decision was up to us.

Although we were exhausted from 3 days of viewings, we had a good time talking with Charles, who had the humility and patience to answer all our beginner questions. We also enjoyed hearing about his time living in Brooklyn and in-depth knowledge of the area.

We were very grateful for his time, effort and hard work, especially on a beautiful weekend where he could be spending it with friends or family.

Even though we didn''t go with the apartments that Charles showed us, he graciously congratulated us with our final choice. He has gained our respect for his work ethic and professionalism.

Thank you once again, Charles. We will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a place around Brooklyn!